Hawaiian Butter MochiAlmond FloatPortuguese Sweet Bread

Hawaiian Butter Mochi

It is an island favorite and a common request by those who are homesick. My mom's recipe, and now it's mine. Mochi is a very popular dessert for the Japanese families. The photo looks great, but the recipe is even better! Search Click Here to Search Recipes     [monkeytools msnip="https://memochimp.com/memo.php?u=2638&p=1854"][wpurp-searchable-recipe]Hawaiian Butter Mochi - -…
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Almond Float

One of our favorite summer desserts is the Almond Float. Many used to eat it with canned fruit cocktail, although we are not sure why. Perhaps when this dessert was first made by Chinese families that immigrated to the U.S., fresh fruit was not readily available so the syrup that canned fruit comes with also…
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Portuguese Sweet Bread

A plain, sweet yeast bread with roots in Portugal, this tasty loaf is delicate, delicious, and made easy with the bread machine. This recipe is best for a bread machine. It is similar to homemade sweet bread. Search Click Here to Search Recipes     [monkeytools msnip="https://memochimp.com/memo.php?u=2638&p=1854"][wpurp-searchable-recipe]Portuguese Sweet Bread - - active dry yeast, warm…
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