Chicken and Long RiceEasy Lumpia with Dipping Sauce

Chicken and Long Rice

Delcicious Chicken Long Rice Recipe made in a traditonal Hawaiian style with ginger and onions, a unique and popular dish at Hawaii Luaus. Search Click Here to Search Recipes     [monkeytools msnip=""][wpurp-searchable-recipe]Chicken and Long Rice - - chicken thighs, water, salt, ginger root (minced), large onion (finely chopped), chicken bouillon cubes, long rice, green…
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Easy Lumpia with Dipping Sauce

So we have yet to master the art of lumpia making, but we can make a mean batch of lumpia dipping sauce.  Lumpia dipping sauce is a standard condiment with a serving of lumpia whether they are homemade or purchased in a restaurant. One thing to truly miss about Hawaii is the easy access to lumpia. Search Click…
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