This little fragrant package is a perfect take-along to have when the slap dispensers are empty. Plus, you have the scent of the islands with you.

Kathy Bullock, http://shop.kapotrading.com

This item was hard to find in my size and at a great price. These are my favorite slippers. Great customer service. Overall A.

Rana Paginawan, http://shop.kapotrading.com

Your service was very fast. I have ordered things from the Mainland, and has been a lot slower than you guys. You guys really could not have got the lei to me any faster than you did, unless you sent it by rocket. Also, two days ago I received hand written card thank you card and coupon from you guys. I could not hardly believe it. I will be telling my friends about your service. Thank you for your kindness and service.

Michael DeSota, http://shop.kapotrading.com