Top Reasons to Go to Oahu Hawaii

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Oahu is one-stop Hawaii: all the allure of the Islands in a chop-suey mix that has you kayaking around offshore islets by day and sitting in a jazz club 'round midnight, all without ever having to take another flight or repack your suitcase. It offers both the buzz of modern living in jam-packed Honolulu, which is the state's capital, and the allure of slow-paced island life on its northern and eastern shores. It is, in many ways, the center of the Hawaiian universe.

Boogie board or surf some of the best breaks on the planet. Kailua is the beach you came to Hawaii for—and the reason why many have never left. With dozens of adventures, discoveries, and fun-filled beach days, Hawaii is a blast for kids of all ages. In a place surrounded by the ocean, water sports abound. Surfing. Snorkeling. Scuba diving. Oahu, the state's capital, is the center of Hawaii's economy and by far the most populated island in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Sure, in the video below the couple is having a great time, we can see that for sure. If you get the chance to visit Oahu, Hawaii you should consider yourselves lucky, very lucky.



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