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Aloha, we'll be your local Hawaii snorkel guide for the day. Were going to point out some simple tricks and tips on how to have the most fun you can possibly have while snorkeling in Hawaii. The first thing is your beach entry. When you're getting in from a beach, you're going to want to keep your loose items on the dry and hot sand and away from the waves so they don't get washed away. When you first get in, you're going to want to put your mask on first, starting with the strap. Put the strap high on the back of your head, sliding the mask over the front of your face. That means it's too tight if it's hard to do. Afterwards, sit down on the sand, put your fins on, and walk backwards as you enter the ocean.

When entering on a rocky coastline, make sure to watch out for any wet rocks as they may be extremely slippery. Sit down near your entry point, putting on your mask first and then your fins, and gently slide into the water. Now, that you're in the water, just relax, keep your muscles moving calm and slow. When you simply slow down, you'll be amazed at how much more you will see. Now of course water leaking into your mask in snorkel may be inevitable. When you have some water in your mask, simply stick your head up, tilt the bottom of the mask out, allowing water to seep out the bottom of your mask and resume. Simply saying the word two fairly loudly will cause water to be pushed out the bottom of the valve when you have water in your snorkel.

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Avoid taking off your mask at all times when you're snorkeling. Taking off your mask may make it difficult to put it back on properly. When you're ready to get out on the water, swim to your exit point, taking off your fins but leaving your mask on so you can see what's around you until you have completed exited the ocean. The most important rule of snorkeling in Hawaii is to know your limits. Consider using flotation devices, and always wear fins. Remember, coral and marine life are very delicate. It's best viewed at a distance. Please no touching. If you find snorkeling to be the best activity you do while in Hawaii, don't be surprised.

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