10 Tips To Happiness

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10 Tips to HappinessOur mantra at Kapo Trading Company is about spreading the Aloha Spirit. But in order to do that, you need to start with yourself. It's much easier to spread the Aloha Spirit if you are happy.

So here are 10 things that can make you happy immediately, and certainly will help you spread the Aloha Spirit.

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1.  Life

It's easy to forget that the mere fact of conscious existence -- that you are alive -- is itself a miracle. As the old saying goes "every day above ground is a good day."

2. Health

Rather than thinking of illness as something bad that happens to you, start thinking of health as something good that's happening to you.

3.  Purpose

There is nothing more conducive to long-term happiness than knowing that your actions are making the world a better place.

4.  Friendship

Almost everyone has friends, although it's easy to lose track of them in the rush of every day life. Take a few minutes -- today -- to reconnect with some of them.

5.  Family

If you've got a good relationship with your family, rejoice! You're experiencing one of the deepest sources of happiness on the planet.

6.  Self-reliance

Feeling secure that you can count on your self to accomplish what you set out to accomplish creates a quiet but potent happiness.

7.  Community

Having the support of a wider group makes you more aware that you're part of something greater than yourself.

8.  Gratitude

Rather than focusing on what you don't have or what's out of reach, be thankful for the wonderful things already in your life.

9.  Laughter

It is impossible to laugh and be miserable at the same time. Regular doses of laughter are more than medicine.....it's the flavor of life.

10. Love

'Nuff said.

So what are you doing to build the Aloha Spirit in yourself? What are you doing to spread the Aloha Spirit to others? Share your comments below. Mahalo!

Mahalo for reading. Please share the Aloha Spirit and do something nice for someone today. We welcome your comments and feedback. This blog is brought to you by Kapo Trading Company -- with over 3000 fun, unique and authentic Hawaiian items, we deliver Hawaii to you!

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