Maui: Planning For The Best Trip Ever

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happy ladyAre you planning a trip to Maui?

Want to know how to make the most out of your visit to Maui? Maui is the activity hub of all the Hawaiian Islands.

Whatever you've been thinking of doing in Hawaii, chances are you can do it on Maui. Jet skiing, horseback riding and snorkeling are just a few of the many tours offered, and there are an endless number of things you can do on your own. 

This is where personal duty comes in.On the KTC Hawaiian blog, we describe places to go that can give you extraordinary experiences, but there are a number of factors that limit what you need to do or when you can do them. There is no replacement for using your own common sense to pick those activities you feel comfortable with -- whether it's going up a path, falling with the surf or paddling out past a reef.

The ocean is one the greatest draws of Maui. Pretty much everything is focused around the vast amount of activities that you can do on or in the water. Regrettably, Hawaii is likewise the drowning capital of the U.S. A lot of folks do not recognize just how powerful the surf can be here. Maui has the added element of strong winds being funneled down the central valley and around the western coast. This increases the winds to moderate conditions on most days, requiring caution on the part of the ocean goer. Do not get us wrong. There are many calm days with little wind and glassy water; however that's not the standard. There are also the high surf days when it's best to enjoy the show from the beach. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the ocean's power. We don't want you to become one of the statistics.

Rainforests, volcanic fields, rocky shorelines, waterfalls and impossibly steep canyons.... Maui has 'em all. It's been stated that you pass through more eco-friendly zones going from the top of the volcanic mountains to the ocean right here than you do driving from Canada to Mexico. Adventure can be discovered throughout most of Hawaii, but like with the ocean, being prepared can make the difference between the trip of a life time and a trip to the emergency room.

Enjoy your visit to Maui and if you're been there before and would like to share your experiences with the 'ohana, please share in the comments below. Mahalo!

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