Magic hour in Hawaii: Priceless (doesn’t cost one thin dime)

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Movie directors (not a rare sight to see a crew filming in Hawaii) call it 'magic hour,' the time right around sunset when the light is right to lend a dreamy unreality to a scene. For visitors in the know, magic hour is the time to be kicking back with pupus or a plate dinner and a beverage—and ease on into the evening.
Late in the afternoons, say 3:30 to 5, parking spaces start to open up at the beach, as the sun-scorched set starts to think about getting a shower and heading out to dinner. Even those who delay the ritual to hang in there for sunset, take off when it's over, only to wind up waiting for a table somewhere else.
For an evening to remember—and one that meets the budget—try bringing your dinner to the beach in the late afternoon, watch as people scurry off, and then mellow out as the day becomes sunset, and wait for the stars to appear. You may get in the habit of it.


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Source:: Magic hour in Hawaii: Priceless (doesn't cost one thin dime)

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