Haleiwa: The North Shore’s Surfing Capital

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haleiwa north shoreAre you planning on visiting Haleiwa on the North Shore?

Wondering what to see and do when you visit Haleiwa?

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It seems that every island has a "north shore", but there is only one North Shore, which is where the very best surfers worldwide come to "hang ten". There are many famous pro surfing events that happen here: Sunset, Pipeline, Waimea, and Haleiwa. The unassuming Haleiwa (holly-ee-vah) Town is the center of all of it.

Haleiwa Beach Park is on the opposite end of town from the pro surfing beach. This beach is best for starting surfers, but you'll find many people just hanging out on the beach as well.

The little bridge in the center of town looks like something on a postcard -- but it serves an important purpose as the gateway to the bay and ocean for outrigger canoes. Clubs and races are part of the town's fabric. This is where you'll find some of Hawaii's finest women paddlers, including Haleiwa's Jane Duncan.

The town itself is strung along a mile or more, weather-worn frame structures. Grand plans to build up the North Shore have actually been defeated by residents, and Haleiwa retains a subtle rural vibe of benign disregard. The place began as a missionary settlement in 1832 (one of Hawaii's earliest) and in the late 1800s became a weekend getaway for the well-off from Honolulu, who rode a railway that was constructed to carry sugar cane.

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