Give Your Home Some Flare With Indoor Tiki Decor

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Hawaiianize ... Give Your Home Some Flare With Indoor Tiki Decor

Indoor decor should reflect your tastes and personality. If you are looking for original items for your home and want to create a unique tropical vibe, tiki decor will make an interesting addition. Here is how you can add tiki decor items to different rooms.

Hawaiian Hospitality In Your Entryway

You can set the tone right away by displaying a welcome sign in your entryway. Shop for an Aloha sign to welcome your visitors and set a tropical theme for your entire home. You can create subtle reminders of this theme by framing some pictures or wall art with frames made from exotic woods. You can add a beach chair or a cabinet made from exotic woods to complete this look.

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Turn Your Living Room Into A Tiki Bar

Do you have a bar area in your living room? You can easily create a tropical feel by adding a few items like tiki shot glasses, tropical wall art and other decor elements. Don't forget to add a few houseplants to complete your tropical theme. This would be an interesting way to decorate a minibar area, but you can place these decor elements on a coffee table or even on shelves if you don't have much space to work with.

Create A Colorful Kitchen

Tiki decor will make your kitchen look more original. This is a great way to give charm and character to a small kitchen, and the great thing about tiki decor is that these items easily work with any kind of wood accents. You can add a couple of tiki masks on your kitchen walls or shelves, place a few signs to create a welcoming atmosphere or display some small wooden sculptures.

Add A Touch Of Originality To Your Bathroom

Adding tiki decor pieces to your bathroom would be fun if you already have a beach or a tropical theme. There are plenty of small hand card wooden tikis that would add interesting accents to your bathroom, and you can opt for tiki wall art if you are working with a small room.

Make Your Bedroom More Fun With Tropical Tiki Decor

A tropical tiki theme can be a lot of fun for your bedroom. It allows you to work with bright colors like turquoise or orange and to create a relaxing atmosphere that will instantly put you in a good mood. You should shop for furniture made from exotic woods like teak or bamboo and complete this look with tiki decor elements. Small wooden tiki statues and beach signs would really create an original atmosphere for the bedroom.

Tiki decor can work in any room of your house. This style is an excellent choice if you already have a beach or a tropical theme in your home, but you can also add a tiki theme to any home by working exclusively with these decorative elements. This would be a really fun option if you have a tiki bar in a corner of your living room!

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