Are The Fish Biting in Maui In Winter?

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Wondering if sport fishing is good in the winter in Maui?

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fishWinter is the season where you "toss the dice" when sport fishing in Maui. Fishing can be goods but you'll probably get less "warm" bites like you would in the summer season. Big Eye tuna are in season during the winter months. Big Eye tuna are occasionally misthought to be yellowfin tuna - the difference beingb they are fatter with ... larger eyes. Go figure. Both varieties are just referred to as "ahi". Considering that Big Eye are deep water tuna, they're usually addicted by those watercrafts leaving wickedly very early and getting to the buoys at first light. They are not captured daily, however when you do, break out the wasabi!! The mahi bite is still consistent, and marlin are appearing more in January.

Maui Winter Weather

Winter in Maui is known as the "rainy season". The good news is, thanks to Maui's countless micro climates, unless you're spending a bunch of time in East Maui, or upcountry you might not notice. The two most popular vacationer areas of south and west Maui remain relatively completely dry. South Maui specifically (Kihei & Wailea) is the most regularly warm area of the island. Lahaina and Kaanapali will see a couple of more showers, though they are typically short, and also maintain points lush and also eco-friendly. Windward sides of the island will certainly be the wettest. If you're intending a drive to Hana, definitely make certain to inspect the weather conditions prior to leaving. Roads are known to be occasionally obstructed.


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