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According to Wikipedia, a woodie (or woody) is a car body style with rear bodywork constructed of wood framework with infill wood panels. It looks like this:

red woodie hawaii

Woody is also the name, or nickname, of many men. We learned about a real-life Woody - actually his real name is Sherwood. Check out what he had to say:

The Woodie Hawaiian Shirt

Your name is Woody. Is that your real name, a shortened name, a nickname?

My real name is Sherwood and I have always gone by Woody from all of my friends.

Woody is the nickname for a type of "Hawaiian car." Do you have one? Have you ever driven/been in one?

I do not have one, nor have I been in one. I've seen them around at car shows, but I really hope to own one some day.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

I have! My roommate from college was from Kaneohe Bay, so I spent a week out there living at his house one summer. We did everything from hike the pill boxes, morning surfing (dawn patrol), parasailing, reef diving, North Shore jumping off the rock, and of course, eat lots of plate lunches.

Do you have items that are "Woody"? If so, what type(s)? Do you collect? What's your favorite?

I have a toy car model, and my parents have a giant Woody car piece of art on the wall that was painted with me in the driver's seat and my sisters in the back. I'm really excited to have this new shirt!

You ordered a Woody Hawaiian shirt from KTC Hawaiian. Is that an "everyday" piece of clothing you'll wear? Something for a special occasion?

I've actually never owned Hawaiian shirt. I plan on wearing it to a Jimmy Buffet concert soon.

Here's what Sherwood aka Woody ordered:


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