Visiting Hawaii? Dos and Don’ts of Local Culture

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Are you planning to visit Hawaii?

Would you like to know the Hawaiian culture dos and don'ts to ensure you have a wonderful visit?

Many areas of the world are said to be called a "melting pot". Hawaii is no different. The population has many diverse cultures. The Aloha Spirit is alive and well and you'll find lots of small town hospitality when you visit. After all, when you're on an island, you are bound to encounter all different kinds of people, and being respectful of everybody's differences is a necessity. Here a couple of things to bear in mind when visiting the Hawaiian Islands that will certainly assist you in spreading the aloha.

All land and water is very spiritual to Hawaiians. All parts of the environment, including people, are interrelated. Any damage that comes to one will be felt in all others. DO treat your time while visiting like you're a guest in someone's home. (Think of if you had a million people seeing your home. You'd desire them to clean their feet and tidy up after themselves too, right?)

DON'T litter. As a whole, the visitors are very good about this. However take it a step farther. Try leaving the place you've visited much better than you discovered it. Absolutely nothing brings down a big smile more than having to pick up trash on the beach that another person left.

hawaiian cultureDON'T remove anything from the environment or cultural sites (heiau). This could be rocks, seashells, spiritual offerings, plants and even sand (apart from what may stick to your feet after sitting at the beach).

DON'T attempt to mimic local dialects unless you're invited to. (Normally for citizen's amusement, due to the fact that a visitor trying to speak pidgin sounds like ... well, a visitor trying to speak pidgin.).

DO be a polite driver. There is only one roadway that goes about 3/4 of the way around the island and traffic can bottleneck. Things might move at a different rate than back home; however everything is definitely a bit slower in Hawaii, including the drivers. DON'T be in a rush to get to where you're going.

If invited into somebody's home, DO remove your shoes at the door. This custom is the norm across Hawaii and absolutely nothing will annoy a local resident more than wearing your shoes inside their residence. Most likely you will see where to put 'em. Include your slippahs to da pile, brah! And as we state at parties where there are gigantic piles of slippahs at the front door-- no upgrading ...

If in doubt, DO ask somebody about the appropriate way to tackle something. If it is buying from a local dining establishment or about access to a waterfall, most residents are delighted to assist if you simply ask. In Polynesian culture, nothing is more disrespectful than doing something before asking those with beneficial interests if it's okay.

Hope these do's and don'ts of local culture in Hawaii help you have a magnificent visit. Share your experiences below.

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