Hawaii Silk Floral Arrangements

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Hawaii silk floral arrangements are used all over the world for their beauty and stunning arrangement. These flowers are seasonal and are not available at all times. To be able to get hawaii silk floral arrangements all year round, we have to settle for the artificial variety.

How to prepare a Hawaii silk floral arrangement called a lei: The flowers are sorted by quality, size, and color prior to stringing. A special lei needle and twine are used to fashion the blossoms into a strand about 40 inches in length. The strand is then tied with ribbon to form the typical lei. The metal lei needle is 12 to 18 inches long with a sharp point at one end and a small hook on the other end to hold the twine.

Silk Flower Leis and Headbands

To make an orchid lei: hold a blossom flat in one hand and insert the needle carefully through the bottom of the flower, then through the center, and finally through the other end. Push the blossom down onto the lei needle and repeat the process until you have five or six blossoms on the needle. Wrap your free hand around the flowers and pull the needle and then the lei twine gently through the flowers. Repeat this process until the lei is the length you want.

Hawaii silk floral arrangements can be used for many occasions. According to the occasion the arrangement and the flowers included will vary. The occasions can be everyday decoration, anniversary, baby, get well soon gift and sympathy gift. Generally from the arrangement of flowers the celebration or occasions may usually be identified.

Silk flowers and plants are great for use in home decor or commercial business decor and are available from retailers such as designers, gift shops and promotional companies, or of course you can find all kinds of leis in our KTC Hawaiian online store.

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