Turn Your Home Into A Tropical Paradise

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Your Own Tropical Paradise At Home

What's the first thing you think of when I say the word tiki? For most people, images of grass skirtsflowered necklaces, and wooden statues with large heads come to mind. The tiki theme is all about the South Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, which tends to focus on nature and relaxation. You don't have to go to an expensive tiki themed night club or restaurant to enjoy this type of tranquil atmosphere. In fact, you can enjoy your very own indoor or outdoor tiki garden, depending on where you live. If you live in a warmer climate, you can turn your backyard into a lush, tropical escape. If you live where it's cooler, a sun room could be just the ticket to creating your own island retreat.

So how do you get started growing a tiki garden? There are a few things you will need to focus on in order to capture the true feel of the tiki theme. Tiki statues or carvings, running water, and tropical plants are the basics, though your tiki garden can certainly become much more elaborate, if you wish.

Outdoor Tiki Garden

If you live in a place that provides the warmth to support tropical plant life, then it is highly recommended that you create an outdoor tiki garden. Southern areas such as California, Florida, Arizona, and even southern Georgia and Louisiana are good examples of areas that could produce a terrific tiki garden. Your backyard has a lot to offer as far as options go, especially when it comes to creating a realistic island atmosphere. The first item on the list is tiki statues. What would a tiki garden be without at least one tiki statue? Because these areas of the U.S. aren't typically known as hotbeds of tiki culture, look online for the widest selection. You don't have to litter your garden with tiki statues. Simply collect a few that you really like. Tiki garden statuesrange greatly in size, and your chosen statues should complement the space you have to work with.

For the true tiki garden, you might want to consider putting together a waterfall or fountain. The sound of trickling water can be a wonderful miniature impersonation of the ocean and is sure to add to the relaxing air of your tiki garden. Bamboo or rattan furniture can also keep your tiki garden looking authentic and inviting.

Indoor Tiki Garden

Don't feel discouraged if you live where the weather is cooler. You can still have your tiki retreat indoors! A sun room is the perfect place to create a tiki atmosphere. Many tropical plants do quite well in pots provided they are kept in a nice sunny location. With the benefit of a ceiling you can also use hanging plants to encourage an exotic feel to the room. Small tabletop waterfalls can be used to add a bit of serenity to your tiki garden. With a bit of creativity you can easily turn your tiki garden into a relaxing sanctuary as well as a hot spot for tiki themed parties.


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