The Hawaiian Hibiscus – A Beautiful Tropical Flower

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One of the most beautiful flowers that belongs to the Malvaceae family is the tropical hibiscus.

The hibiscus flower can be found in many colors and sizes. According to research information there are more than a thousand color options, but no blue or black in the true sense. The sizes will vary from 2 inch blooms to 12 inch blooms. Typically the flowers are found on bushes that will grow by a couple of feet in a year. There are some hibiscus bushes that will reach up to 15 feet. 
One of the most beautiful flowers that belongs to the Malvaceae family is the tropical hibiscus.

If you are interested in growing these beautiful flowers that you would commonly see in a tropical area, such as Hawaii, then you need to keep several considerations in mind. For example, if you live in an area where you deal with a large amount of frost, then you would need to plant your flowers in pots so that you can transport them inside at night. However, do not let your climate keep you from planting the flowers in pots.  Many gardeners who live in warmer climates prefer pots to the actual ground, and they are very successful at growing in the same condition. A great idea when contemplating growing a hibiscus is to seek the advice of other gardeners in your area who specialize in hibiscus flowers. They can tell you what tips work for them in the climate that you live in.

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