Enjoying Maui’s Natural Wonders

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Maui is one brilliant bouquet.

Visiting Maui's flower farms is a delightful way for your family to explore Maui's hidden pockets of beauty, walking through flower tunnels and under flower canopies. Flower farm tours also allow you to meet Maui locals and see how their gardens grow.

Fragrant Orchids of Maui
Haiku, Maui

On this tour of the 2.5-acre farm and 5500 sq. ft. greenhouse,owner Karen Klemme shares her orchid growing secrets with visitors. You leave feeling you can nurture a blue-ribbon winner at the county fair.www.fragrantorchids.com

Hana Tropicals
Hana, Maui

Hana Tropicals is a 400-acre flower farm in Hana, Maui, offering  three fun-filled flower farm tours: an escorted garden tour, an adventurous 4x4 Jeep ride and a weekend immersion tour. www.hanatropicals.com

Hana Maui Botanical Garden
Hana, Maui

On this self-guided tour, visitors follow a trail map along the27-acre property. View not only thriving mature flower and fruit plants,but also towering native trees such as kukui, ulu and hala. www.ecoclub.com/hanamaui

Nahiku Tropicals
Hana, Maui

Planted in 1986, Nahiku Tropicals is a boutique flower farm where visitors can stroll among meticulously manicured gardens overflowing with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind flowers and trees. www.nahikutropicals.com

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