What Do Hawaiians Wear On Their Feet?

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What do Hawaiians wear on their feet?

You're probably thinking flip-flops. NOPE!

Hawaiians do not wear flip-flops. This might be news to you if you're on the Mainland, but it's true. Hawaiians do not wear thongs, either, at least not on their feet. They do not wear jandals, as they do in New Zealand. And they don't wear slipslops, like they do in South Africa. They don't wear go-aheads, pluggers, toesies or scuffs, as people call 'em. Nor do Hawaiians wear flip-flaps, flips, slaps or any other name like that.

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What Hawaiians wear on their feet, and what the rest of the world calls by so many other names, is the rubber slipper -- or even more correctly, the rubbah slippah. It's the mediator between Hawaiian's feet and the very 'aina (land) itself, -- the layer between flesh and earth -- as well as asphalt, linoleum, escalator or what have you. It's as iconic as shave ice but far more long-lasting. It is the unofficial state footwear. The only reason it is not the official state footwear is because Hawaii doesn't have an official state footwear (yet). Should the Legislature ever decide that Hawaiians need something official for their feet, the rubber slipper will be -- it has to be said -- a shoo-in.

The slippah is based on some of the fundamental values of Hawaii's history like practicality, thriftiness, humility and the unqualified acceptance of each other's toes. You find them everywhere and in many forms on the Islands, such as in jewelry form or artwork. One Island sculptor, experimenting with materials, created a pair of life-size slippahs from fresh, pink bubblegum. It sold in a show at the Honolulu Academy of Arts for $500.

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