The Meaning of Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian gifts

Do you ever think about the meaning of Hawaiian flowers when you pick them out? 

Hawaiian hair pieces are the hottest fashion accessory this year, but do you know the meaning of the flower you're wearing?

The list below of our most popular Hawaiian flowers will help you choose something for a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or an unfortunate funeral or even a new girlfriend, boyfriend, or just a friend that needs cheering up.

When you can choose the correct flower by knowing its meaning and give a little note explaining the meaning of the flower, watch how much more those flowers or that gift is appreciated and the surprised look on their face when they know you took the time to match its meaning to the occasion and make them even more special.

Hibiscus - Delicate Beauty

Lilly (calla)  - Beauty,

Lily (day) -  Coquetry, Majesty,Chinese Emblem For Mother

Lily Tiger - Wealth, Pride

Lily (White) - Virginity, PurityMajesty

Orchid -  A Belle, Love, Beauty, Refinement,Beautiful Lady

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