The Meaning of a Flower in a Woman’s Hair

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Flowers are beautiful to look at, but did you know they can have a deeper meaning? They can hold memories of love from family and friends, and they can also hold memories for those they've lost. When a girl wears a flower in her hair, it can mean many things.

Whether friendship, family,or a significant other, chrysanthemums just beam with love. If a girl wears a chrysanthemum in her hair, it is said to bring her love and  happiness for many years to come

A rose can mean love and passion, but it can also be worn to mourn the loss of a loved one. Roses worn in a girl's haircan symbolize the passion she holds in her life, or the memory of someone she has lost.

In the South Pacific, a girl might wear a hibiscus flower in her hair. If the flower is behind the right ear, it symbolizes she is single. If she wears it on the left side, it means she is married or taken.

Carnations are said to symbolize love, gratitude,and admiration. They are often given to mothers on Mother's Day to show a woman's love for their family. While in America carnations are known to show love, in Korea it's said that three carnations in a girl's hair can tell the future. If the top flower dies first, it's said that the girl will have difficulties in her later years. If the middle flower dies first, the girl will live a disturbing life in her earlier years. And if the bottom flower dies first, the girl will be miserable her whole life.

Violets are the mood swing flower. They can mean humiliation, as well as faithfulness and happiness at the same time. A string of these flowers worn on top of a girl's head is said to keep away dizziness and bring good luck.

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