Hawaiian Shirts Only For Casual Friday?

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Hawaiian Shirts - Not Just For Tourists

How did the Hawaiian shirt become the most reviled, and simultaneously revered, piece of clothing in modern memory?

In the 1950's, the Hawaiian shirt was used as a tool to boost the tourist trade. The tropical shirt was banned for employees of City, State and Federal offices and from banks and corporate offices on grounds that its appearance would induce sloppy work habits. During this era, the shirt was associated with "tourists", along with all of the characteristics typically attributed to the them, such as being fat, badly dressed, and unattractive.

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In the 1960's, a "petition to the State Legislature generated by the local garment industry (along with a gift of two Hawaiian shirts to each legislator) ultimately resulted in a Legislative resolution that promoted Hawaiian shirts as appropriate business wear on the last day of the workweek." On the Islands, that became known as "Aloha Friday"; on the Mainland it was "Casual Friday."

Today, you'll find Hawaiian shirts in every size, color, pattern imaginable. It's nearly impossible to wear one and not feel great -- doesn't matter what day it is! So put on your Hawaiian shirt -- we think the bolder the better, and show off your Aloha Spirit!

Mahalo and do something nice for someone today....spread the Aloha Spirit!

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