Hawaiian Hair Clips: Not Just For A-List Celebrities

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Hawaiian Hair Clips: Look Like A Celebrity

Hawaiian hair clips are becoming a sensation thanks to their symbolism and beauty. Besides the fact that you can get beautiful hair clips for under $10, the clips not only make you look good but make you feel great about yourself. They are ideal for special events such as weddings, proms, cocktail parties and will suit any exotic celebration splendidly. They are certainly this year’s hottest fashion accessory!

How to wear them

Hawaiian Floral Hair Clips

Hawaiian hair clips come with the vantage of being ideal for most outfits. The fact that they are brightly colored makes them a ray of sunshine in the summer if you are looking to spruce up your days. They are worn differently depending on your relationship status which is a good way to tell the world about you and what you are looking for. Married women will wear the on the left side telling the men that they are not available. Single women that are not available will also wear them on the left side to ward guys off. Those that are available will wear them on the right side keeping their chances open. The clever ones will wear them on the left and change to the right when they meet someone they like to give them a sign that they are ready to mingle. Scientists have over time associated flowers with positive feelings which are one of the main marks of the Hawaiian hair clip. They are a celebration of womanhood and life in a positive way making them a statement too.

Who has worn these?

Because they're such an awesome and easy-to-wear accessory, they have found their way to manycelebrity wardrobes. Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Charlie Theron have been spotted on more than one occasion with the Hawaiian hairclips.

How do I pick one?

Buying the right clip is important for you at the end of the day. There are a number of types form which you can try including:

  • Floral pins: These are made of flowers of all color and kind. The flowers can be real or fake attached to a pin on the hair.
  • Elastic bands: The flowers in this case are attached to the band and are used to tie down your ponytail in all colors and styles.
  • Small hair flowers: These are flowers are scattered around the pin up.
  • Large hair flowers: These are bigger flowers attached using a hairpin or to a barrette.
  • Bobby pins: These are ideal for up swept hairstyles for pinning in all of the flowers.

So add today's hottest fashion accessory to your wardrobe: Hawaiian hair clips!

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