Floral Prints: Not Just For Women Anymore

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mens hawaiian shirtMen of fashion.....do you have any floral prints in your closet?

Think that floral prints are just for women?

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Think again! Floral prints used to be considered to be a "female thang". Sure, you may see a guy wearing some kind of tropical print for beach wear, but that would be about it.

Welcome to the new world of fashion - Hawaiian fashion! And guys this means more than just a Hawaiian t-shirt! Today men are incorporating floral prints into different areas of their wardrobe. Here are a couple of helpful ideas to wear flower prints without looking feminine.....

Do not do away with your Hawaiian shirt while welcoming the flower revolution into your closet. This has actually been a trademark, so keep one - or more - for your trip to the beach.

Apart from t-shirts, there are floral-printed trousers and coats that are readily available in the market. Select one that you are comfy with. Don't over-do the prints, however.

Guys of any age can embrace this trend, as long as they understand where to draw the line. While more youthful ones can endure a heavy dosage of the print, it makes sense for older men to limit the usage of florals in their wardrobe.

For those who want to play it safe, you can go with a floral coat. While you keep the rest of your ensemble plain, fine-tune the appearance with some tulips on your coat.

One of the safest methods to wear the print is on ties. One can remain on trend without going excessive and avoid any shame. And don't be surprised if you get quite a few compliments!

There are shoes offered in flower prints also. However, this requires you to be pretty confident about your fashion sensibility to be able to manage such a trend.

Gee, if you're gonna have a floral print on your shoes you may as well have it on your boxers and socks too. Yes, these are available as well.

The key is to just wear one piece to accentuate your outfit. Follow these tips and you'll be looking like the Big Kahuna.


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