Bill Murray in a Hawaiian Shirt Takes Tickets at Minor League Baseball

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Bill Murray -- in a Hawaiian shirt, camo shorts, and bucket hat, no less!

It's obvious that Bill Murray is a significant baseball fan. He's long been a vocal fan of his hometown Chicago Cubs, and lately he's been valuing his role as a part proprietor of the St. Paul Saints of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. As the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy points out, he's noted as "Team Psychologist" on the Saints' web site.

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Bill was there because it was the Saints' last game at Midway Arena, and to commemorate the event, Murray descended on the ticket gates to check the tickets of the group's followers as they entered the arena for the last time. This isn't really unexpected, obviously, as Murray has actually consistently been well-known for showing up in unanticipated places, whether it be a couple's engagement pictures, an arbitrary stag party, or who knows where else. It's just his style.

And not only did Murray use the time to join these unknowing Minnesotan minors baseball fans, he accomplished it in vogue (kind of), wearing a Hawaiian shirt, camo cargo shorts, as well as a tropical bucket hat. It's challenging to find many people who can pull this ensemble off, but if that individual already exists, it's Bill Murray. Check him out above, and this just proves our point even further that cool guys do wear Hawaiian Shirts. Check out the video below for more proof.



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