Aloha Shirt: You Don’t Have To Be A Parrothead To Wear ‘Em

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The Aloha Shirt: You Don't Have To Be A Parrothead To Wear 'Em

Most people know the word "Aloha" to mean hello or goodbye. But is is also used to describe a garment - the Aloha shirt.

The Aloha shirt originated in Hawaii -- it is a short sleeve shirt with a collar, usually made with  bold colors and fun/tropical designs. In the past, most Mainlanders associated the Hawaiian shirt as being the appropriate attire for a Jimmy Buffet concert but today they're mainstream worn from everything from a back yard barbecue to casual Fridays at the office.

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Ellery Chung is credited with having designed the first of these iconic shirts in the early 1930's. He was a Chinese merchant who used old kimono fabrics to create brightly colored shirts for eager tourists in Waikiki, Hawaii. The locals also embraced this fashion phenomenon. The surfing community in particular, adopted both the shirt and the patterns featured on them into the cultural aesthetics of their sport. The shirt became as synonymous with the island as leis, ukuleles and grass skirts.

The Hawaiian shirt became a part of mainstream fashion thanks to many famous individuals who contributed to its popularity. President Harry S. Truman was often seen sporting one in The White House. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby brought them to the big screen in many of The Road movies, and Elvis Presley wore one on the cover of his Blue Hawaii album in 1961.

It seems that everyone loves Hawaii and the Aloha style has endured for over seventy years so it's pretty clear it's here to stay. It may take you a little courage to fashion bright colors and big patterns, but today you'll find Aloha shirts in all sizes, materials and patterns.

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