A Look at Hawaiian Shirts

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Ever wonder why there's such a difference in price between different Hawaiian shirts?

Some of it obviously has to do with fabric. Tshirts can run as low as $10, but a high quality silk shirt can run as much as $100.

Border Hawaiian shirts are a luxury because so much fabric is wasted in making them. This well thought-out type of Hawaiian shirt has sleeves, sides, and hems that are identical. Pockets will usually match the shirt pattern perfectly. Some of the better border Hawaiian shirts have designs that never repeat themselves. Another unique trait of the border shirt is its length - they are generally much longer than other Hawaiian shirts in order to show off the fabric's images. Because of the purpose of their length, border Hawaiian shirts are never meant to be tucked in.

Another "high quality mark" of a Hawaiian T-shirt is the "Made in Hawaii" label. Even if a shirt is not a border shirt, the "Made in Hawaii" label ensures its authenticity and separates it from other cheap imitations. The label became a staple for shirts made on the island in the 1950s, when a trade commissioner from Los Angeles realized that identifying locally made Hawaiian shirts could increase their value.

Although the "best" Hawaiian T-shirts are considered to come from Hawaii, quality shirts with the Hawaiian design can be found in all types of stores and markets across the world.

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