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A Woody for a Woody

According to Wikipedia, a woodie (or woody) is a car body style with rear bodywork constructed of wood framework with infill wood panels. It looks like this: Woody is also the name, or nickname, of many men. We learned about a real-life Woody - actually his real name is Sherwood. Check out what he had to…
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Whole Bean Or Ground – The Kona Coffee Debate

Whole Bean Or Ground - The Kona Coffee Debate There can be very little argument that coffee from Hawaii is one of the premium coffee offerings in the world. One of the most famous offerings is the Kona varietal - however, every island in the chain has its own particular specialty that will never disappoint.…
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What You Should Know About Having The Best Cup Of Hawaiian Coffee

Enjoying The Best Cup Of Hawaiian Coffee There is a coffee shop on virtually every corner of major cities these days, as folks search for the best coffee to drink. However, many of them fail to realize the ideal solution lies in their own kitchen, not that brewed by disinterested baristas. If you are willing…
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