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Hawaii’s Happy Face Spider

Most people don't like spiders, but this one kinda makes you smile -- after all it's got a happy face and is smiling back at you. The Theridion Grallator or the Happy Face Spider is a tiny specimen found in Hawaii. Good news is they're not deadly. These spiders are harmless to humans and scientists…
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Kama The Surfing Pig on the GoPro Cam

Kama really looks like he's having a good time ... and ripping it up on a surfboard. You might have seen surfing dogs and maybe cats, but now check out Kama. Kama and his owner Kai Holt hit Sandy Beach for some surf time with the locals in Oahu. Kama is literally Hanging a huff…
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Wildlife in Hawaii — Hawaiian Hoary Bat

Have you ever wondered what mammals are unique to Hawaii? Did you know that there is only one terrestrial mammal that is native to Hawaii? There are many mammals that are unique to Hawaii, but only one land mammal is native. The Hawaiian Hoary Bat. Yes, there are other land mammals on Hawaii, but those…
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