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Ridiculously Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Ever just kick back and wonder what some of the interesting things that Hawaii is known for.  Yes, us too, so we put together a bunch below for you to spend some Hawaiian time. 1. Currently, the most searched food in Hawaii is — Matcha via: Shutterstock In case you haven’t come across matcha at your…
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Hawaiian Theme Luau Decorations … A Great Idea

Hawaiian Theme Luau Decorations Truly Are A Great Idea When you are running a Hawaiian themed party you need to realize one of those things that you are going to need to have is the fun luau decorations. The proper decorations can take your small gathering from being something simple and easy to something that…
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Quiz: What’s Your Hawaiian Tiki God?

What Kind of Hawaiian Tiki Best Fits You and Your Personality? Wouldn't it be cool to be a Hawaiian tiki god? Of course it would! But there so many different ones. Take this fun quiz to find out what Hawaiian tiki god you are - and share the results when you're done. For mobile users…
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