Visiting Hawaii? 10 Must Knows Before You Go….

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1) IT IS BIG (They don't call it the Big Island for nothing)

When most people think of Hawaii, they think of turquoise water, beautiful sandy beaches, and lush tropical foliage. Throw into that mix an active volcano, snow, and gourmet Kona coffee and you have the Big Island of Hawaii. Also known as the Orchid Isle, the island of Hawaii is full of sharp contrasts, many of which come as a surprise to our visitors. The following tips (one each week -- this is the first) will help you to be well prepared when you visit Hawaii.

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It seems like a no-brainer that the Big Island is big, hence the name. However there's big and then there's BIG. All of the major Hawaiian islands could fit into the Big Island with space to spare. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park alone is over 330,000 square acres in size. So, if your previous experience in Hawaii includes driving around the island of Oahu in three hours, you're in for a big surprise, a sore okole (bottom) and a car load of cranky kids. The best way to see the Big Island is to divide it into sections that can be seen on a day trip. Perhaps one day to see the volcano, one day to visit Hilo on the windward side, one day in the upcountry ranch land of Waimea, and one day to explore the Kona coffee plantations.

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