Visiting Hawaii? 10 Must Knows Before You Go….Tip #4

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Tip #4: Beware of the vog.

Vog. That's not a typo -- you read it correctly.....vog.

What is vog?

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The Big Island's dirty little secret is an unfortunate side-effect of the volcano - vog. Vog is mixture of gases, primarily sulfur dioxide, that are emitted by the continual eruption of the volcano. It appears as a white haze that can cover every inch of blue in the sky, producing strange sunsets like the one above. Similar to smog, there is no way to predict when and where it will appear, although the Kona Coast always gets the worst of it. The vast majority of people do not experience any health issues, but possible side-effects include a dull headache and sore throat. If you have emphysema or any other condition that makes breathing more difficult, you might want to consult your doctor before visiting. Chances are you won't even notice the vog, but it's good to be aware that it's a possibility.

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