Top Tourist Attractions in Hawaii

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Top Tourist Attractions in HawaiiHawaii is known all around the world for its sandy beaches, beautiful natural wonders and the well-known Hawaiian hula dance. Tens of thousands of tourists that are in love with scuba diving and other marine sports visit Hawaii on a yearly basis, and many of them claim it is the Heaven on Earth - and for a good reason -- given all the natural wonders you can find here!

One thing is for sure: Hawaii is the perfect destination for those who love nature and outdoor activities, and who want to find out more about its amazing history and culture. Here are some of the most popular things to do and see when visiting Hawaii:

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 1. The Hula Dance

The hula dance is native to Hawaii, and in addition to entertaining the audience, this dance also aims to perpetuate the culture and traditions of the Island. As a matter of fact, people around here cherish their dance so much that they organize yearly competitions and festivals to honor it.

 2. The Festivals That Take Place Here

There are many festivals and competitions that take place in Hawaii, and there is no better way to get in-depth information about the history, traditions and culture of Hawaii than by attending these festivals. If you plan to visit the Islands in the near future, then make sure you do not miss the Queen Liliuokalani Festival, the Moku O Keawe Festival or the Lolali Luahine Hula Festival, the latter being entirely dedicated to the amazing dance mentioned above.

Also, there are many historical places that are worth visiting if you have the time to do it, such as the Hulihee Palace. The Hulihee Palace used to be the vacation home of Hawaiian royalty but it now serves as a museum where visitors can see artifacts and traditional pieces of furniture.

 3. The Hanauma Bay

As mentioned before, Hawaii is known for its natural wonders - this is exactly what Hanauma Bay puts emphasis on. The bay encompasses all the beautiful natural resources of Hawaii, untouched by human hands.

There are numerous natural conservation programs that aim to protect endangered species of plants and animals on the Island, and those who are passionate about protecting the surrounding environment can find out more about them. There are many information points where you can get detailed information about the ongoing projects.

4. The Panaewa Rainforest Zoo

If you travel to Hawaii with your family and children, then you should not miss the well known Panaewa Rainforest Zoo. Given the fact that admiring the animals in the rainforest, which is their natural habitat can be extremely dangerous, going to this rainforest zoo is certainly a great choice if you want to find out more about the animals found on the Island, as well as all the species that are in danger of extinction.

At the zoo you can find everything from the beautiful lemurs to spiders, the tarantulas, snakes and such. There is no entry fee and it is open every day, so make sure to put it on your tourist attractions list!

In conclusion, Hawaii has a wealth of natural beauties, plants and animals that tourists can visit. No matter if you want to visit the island exclusively for entertainment purposes (scuba diving, for instance) or to find out more about the Hawaiian culture and history, you will certainly not be disappointed!

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