Photographer Spearheads Daring Wedding Shoot on Active Volcano

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Step up your game, couples: you'll have a hard time pulling off a wedding shoot hotter than this one.

Photographer Jenna Lee enlisted newlyweds Lauren and Alex earlier this month to pull off one of her wildest goals: a wedding shoot on Kilauea, one of Hawaii's active volcanoes.

Lee was first inspired to do the shoot after lava from Kilauea started flowing into the ocean, a phenomenon that hasn't occurred in years. "When I heard the lava was flowing again... I knew I wanted to create something special," Lee told Mashable.

Image: jenna lee photography

For the shoot, the three adventurers stayed at a campsite near the lava, then hiked to the volcano at sunrise. "We had to pack in food, head lamps, all of our gear, ponchos we were ready for anything," Lee said.

From there, they determined which parts of the rock were safe for Lauren and Alex to stand on and surprisingly, the two were able to stay barefoot for most of the shoot. "We found that them being barefoot actually helped us to gauge the safest places to stand!" Lee said. "If it felt too hot, we didnt stay in that area."

Image: jenna lee photography

The images are so unbelievably beautiful that haters have said they're Photoshopped, Lee said. But the haters don't matter: Alex and Lauren loved the final result.

"They seem to be in awe of the whole thing," Lee said. So are we. Also, does anyone else feel a little warm?

Check out more fiery photos from the shoot below.

Image: jenna lee photography

Image: jenna lee photography

Image: jenna lee photography

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