How To Vacation Like A VIP In Hawaii

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Vacation Like A Obama In Hawaii

For those who don't know, vacation rentals are usually stand-alone houses with full kitchens. In Hawaii, many of them are located right on the water and boast private swimming pools and Jacuzzis. A few have their own tennis courts. Vacation rentals usually require a minimum of one week stay. Depending on the size of the group traveling, Hawaii vacation rentals are often comparably priced with per-person hotel room rates, especially if the group takes advantage of the full kitchen for preparing their meals. If there are enough people sharing the fare, it's similar to how a cab or Uber can be cheaper than the bus or subway.

Knowing this, it's easy to vacation like a VIP in paradise and experience Hawaii the way the famous and rich do. When visiting the islands, this trip stay in a luxurious beach front home, fabulous estate or private villa. You'll never catch a VIP in a hotel mingling with the tourists, packed like sardines on Waikiki beach or waiting for elevators. They enjoy their tranquility, peace and solitude, unimpeded by the tourist throng-- and you can too. Now, depending on the number of guests in your group, you can vacation in style in Hawaii for less than a hotel stay ... it's like getting a free first class upgrade by staying in a first class Hawaii vacation rental home.

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Each of the Hawaiian islands has something unique to offer. Oahu, the gathering place, is where Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu and big wave surfing are found. It is the most modern and populous of the islands and has the most nightlife. Kauai, the garden isle, is the oldest and most tropical of the islands. Its scenery is the stuff of movies and television settings. Mount Wai'ale'ale, the wettest spot on earth, Hanalei and Bali Hai are all found on Kauai. Maui, the valley isle, is famous for championship golf courses, whale watching and Haleakala Crater (inside of which all of Manhattan would fit). Lahaina, former whaling capital of the world, Hana, where Charles Lindbergh is buried, and the resort area of Kapalua are all found on Maui. Hawaii is not only the name of the state, but also the name of the largest island. Local refer to it as the big island. It is an island of contrasts and home to big game sport fishing, black sand beaches, desolate lava fields, tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls and volcanoes.

Remember, Hawaii is a year round vacation paradise and the best accommodations are booked early. Pacific Islands Reservations advises you to make your reservations for all Hawaii vacation rentals and bed & breakfast accommodations at least six months in advance. Holiday dates are usually booked up to a year in advance, so plan accordingly.

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