Best of Hawaii: Itinerary Ideas for the Hawaii Traveler

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Want to do specific activities in Hawaii, but have no idea which island has the best of the best? Of course what is best for you or your family may not be the best others, but you can use these lists to get ideas and helpful tips about the best surfing, scuba diving, exotic beaches, and much more!

If you have a particular activity in mind, this article is designed to help you choose which Hawaiian islands to visit. Granted, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that all the 6 major islands of Hawaii have all of these activities in one shape or form. We have used a mixture of popular opinion and our own personal research and experiences for compiling these lists. An (s) indicates it may only be available during certain seasons. Remember to always check conditions & availability, especially for water activities.

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Best Nightlife
1. Oahu-- Waikiki
2. Maui-- Lahaina
3. Big Island-- Kailua Kona

Best Hiking
1. Kauai-- Na Pali Coast (s).
2. Kauai-- Waimea Canyon.
3. Big Island-- Mt. Kilauea.

Best Surfing (Advanced) (s).
1. Oahu-- North Shore.
2. Kauai-- Hanalei Bay.
3. Maui-- Honolua Bay.

Best Surfing (Beginner) (s).
1. Oahu-- Waikiki.
2. Kauai-- Kalapaki Beach.
3. Maui-- Launiupoko Park.

Best Scuba Diving.
1. Maui-- Molokini.
2. Maui or Lanai-- Lanai Coast.
3. Big Island-- West Coast.

Best Windsurfing/ Kite Surfing (s).
1. Maui-- Hookipa Beach Park (advanced).
2. Maui-- Kanaha Beach (beginner).
3. Oahu-- Kailua Beach.

Best Snorkeling.
1. Oahu-- Haunama Bay.
2. Maui-- Kaanapali (Black Rock).
3. Kauai-- Lydgate Beach & Tunnels.

Best Shopping.
1. Oahu-- Aloha Market & Waikiki.
2. Maui-- Lahaina.
3. Big Island-- Kailua Kona.

Best Nude Sunbathing.
1. Maui-- Little Beach in Makena.
2. Big Island-- many locations.
3. Kauai-- Secret Beach in Kilauea.

Best Exotic Beaches.
1. Maui-- Red Sand Beach (Hana).
2. Big Island-- Punaluu Black Sand Beach.
3. Big Island-- Mahana Green Sand (s).

Best Nature Experiences.
1. Kauai-- Na Pali Coast.
2. Big Island-- Kilauea Volcano.
3. Maui or Lanai-- whale watching (s).

This is not a list of all best(s).  You will notice that we left off dining, which we will save for later.

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