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What is Surfing in Hawaii Like?

Hawaii has some great surfing spots because of the swells that roll in from the Pacific Ocean. These spots are scattered across hundreds of beaches all over the state of Hawaii. You could literally spend a year surfing these beaches and never have to surf the same spot twice. The biggest waves in Hawaii are…
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Hawaii- The Perfect Honeymoon

Is Hawaii The Perfect Honeymoon Spot? Everybody knows that the best part about getting married is the Honeymoon. When choosing a honeymoon destination, you should choose wisely. You can not go wrong with Hawaii. It has the perfect climate, varying only a few degrees in temperature from season to season. Even in the winter you…
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Does Cruising in Hawaii Make Sense?

The islands of Hawaii are a dream destination for many travelers, and a Hawaii cruise that incorporates all four of the state's beautiful islands could be just the ticket for your vacation plans. Each island has its own beauty and charm and is not the same as the others. From "Big Island" to Maui, to…
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2 Very Important Secrets To Selecting The Right Hawaii Vacation Rental

You've finally decided you and your family on going to take that long awaited dream vacation in Hawaii. You've decided that you want to go the vacation rental route for numerous reasons: privacy, location, comfort and cost effectiveness. Next, you probably Googled Oahu Vacation Rentals and are faced with the daunting task of choosing among…
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