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Want Beaches and Reasonably Priced Resorts? Try Maui’s Kihei

Decades ago, southwest Maui was dubbed the "Gold Coast" by real estate copywriters, as a string of condos and resorts sprung up along the shoreline. To be honest, it seemed sort of tacky. But now, as the construction cranes seemed to outnumber palm trees during the ensuing years in West Maui north of Lahaina, Kihei…
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5 Fun and Unique Things To Do When You Visit Hawaii

Are you looking for fun things to do when you travel to Hawaii? Wondering what's different than the typical tourist spots that you can check out when you travel to Hawaii? If you ask around for what you should see or do when you visit Hawaii, you’ll likely hear A LOT of suggestions from those who have been…
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Must-have Hawaii Travel Accessories

Hawaii Travel Accessories If you’re an accessory-addict and love to travel, have we found some items for you! Seems there’s a travel accessory to fulfill you’re every travel want and need–we even found some must-have Hawaii travel accessories you didn’t even know you needed (yet). Many websites feature dozens of accessories for the world traveler,…
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Top 10 Shoreline Whale Watching Sites in Hawaii

Top 10 Shoreline Whale Watching Sites in Hawaii This year, the humpback whales took their time arriving in Hawaiian waters. But, they’re here now! In fact, we’re fortunate enough to see them from nearby our home, and it’s a spectacular site! Here’s a look at the top 10 shoreline whale watching sites in Hawaii, courtesy of…
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