Monthly Archives: January 2018

Hawaii Emergency Employee Who ‘Pushed The Wrong Button’ Has Been Reassigned

The worker blamed for “pushing the wrong button” on Saturday morning and triggering a false missile alert that sent a wave of panic across Hawaii has been “reassigned,” according to the state Emergency Management Agency. “The employee who issued the alert has been temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of our internal investigation,” an agency spokesman…
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Shop For Authentic Hawaiian Gifts

Do you know a Hawaiian transplant or a friend who just raves about his last trip to the Aloha State? If so, you don't have to search any further for the perfect authentic gifts from Hawaii. You can delight your friend or family members with a top-quality gift that will be appreciated for years to…
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Pearl Harbor Hero Recognized 76 years After Saving 6 From Sinking USS Arizona

Joe George is credited with saving at least six sailors aboard USS Arizona as it was sinking after being struck several times by Japanese planes.  (U.S. Navy) WASHINGTON –  An American hero is finally getting recognition 76 years after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Ahead of Thursday’s anniversary, the secretary of the U.S.…
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