Monthly Archives: July 2017

Teriyaki Meat Balls

This is a great recipe that our family really enjoyed. This recipe is so quick. I love bringing these to potlucks, they all disappear very quickly! Great served with white rice & sake! One time, I made the mistake of making the balls too big and since they have so much flavor it’s just too…
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Coconut Shell Buttons Mean Top Quality Hawaiian Shirts

You Can Measure the Quality of a Hawaiian Shirt By Its Buttons The coconut is a plant that belongs to the Palmae family and is widely grown in tropical regions as it needs a proper living environment for its growth and production. Coconut is well-known as a multi-purpose plant and has been utilized and developed…
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Steamed Beef Hash

Have ground beef left over from making another dish? Make steamed beef hash! Mix it up egg and water chestnuts are remaining ingredients, and wa lah and awesome dish. Or don’t wait for leftovers, making this hash is a good enough reason to make steamed beef in the first place. Search Click Here to Search…
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