Monthly Archives: July 2015

Maui’s Hana: Where’s the Beach??

By (Trailblazer Hawaii) After the thrills and spills amid a cavalcade of rental cars along Maui's notorious Hana Highway (waterfalls, one-lane bridges, tropical jungle) many visitors get to the actual town and experience a mild disappointment. The bay at Hana is not known for swimming, and that's about all you see of the coast.…
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Men: How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like A Flower

Did you know that florals are the "in" thing for men this summer? Are you a bit unsure of exactly "how" to wear florals this summer? Don't worry - we got you covered - with florals that is! The floral pattern is one of the most notoriously tricky fashions for a man to pull off with…
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UFOs in Hawaii: SECRET ALIEN PRESENCE (REAL ALIENS DOCUMENTARY) INCREDIBLE ALIEN/UFO DOCUMENTARY from Hawaii featuring NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FOOTAGE! Some of the most convincing videos of UFOs ever captured on film! Multiple eyewitness reports chronicling the most convincing evidence and cases of extraterrestrial visitation! MUST-SEE! [monkeytools msnip=""] [monkeytools msnip=""]
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