Monthly Archives: July 2014

Wildlife in Hawaii — Hawaiian Hoary Bat

Have you ever wondered what mammals are unique to Hawaii? Did you know that there is only one terrestrial mammal that is native to Hawaii? There are many mammals that are unique to Hawaii, but only one land mammal is native. The Hawaiian Hoary Bat. Yes, there are other land mammals on Hawaii, but those…
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Black Beaches — Yup, They’re Real

Did you know there are black beaches in Hawaii? Wondering what black beaches are really like? When you think of a gorgeous beach, you probably think of soft white sand. There are many you can visualize right now I’m sure. But did you know there are black beaches? They’re some of the most gorgeous in…
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The True Meaing of “Aloha”

When I made the decision to move to Maui, I knew approximately one Hawaiian word -- Aloha. Of course, most people know that the word "Aloha" is an expression used for greetings, such as hello and good-bye. However, I quickly learned that, like all words in the Hawaiian culture, there is a much deeper, more…
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