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The Balinese Sconce/Lantern and The Balinese Culture

Bali is famous for its unique culture and tradition. As an island located in Indonesia, Bali has become one of favorite tourism destinations. According to a survey conducted in 2000, about 92% Balinese people based their faiths in Hindu. That's make it unique since Hindu has the least followers in Indonesia. Most of Indonesian people…
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Hawaii Honeymoon Vacations – Feel The Difference In Romance

Hawaii honeymoon vacations are ideal for any newly wed couples. The exotic beaches of Hawaii with its captivating beauty will make your trip a memorable one. The enchanting beaches have the air of romanticism that transcends you to a different world with your partner. There are many beaches all around the world but none to…
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UFOs in Hawaii: SECRET ALIEN PRESENCE (REAL ALIENS DOCUMENTARY) INCREDIBLE ALIEN/UFO DOCUMENTARY from Hawaii featuring NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FOOTAGE! Some of the most convincing videos of UFOs ever captured on film! Multiple eyewitness reports chronicling the most convincing evidence and cases of extraterrestrial visitation! MUST-SEE!
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Teen Lands Massive 1058 Pound Blue Marlin

Teen Lands Massive 1058 Pound Blue Marlin Off The Coast of the "Big Island" Hawaii A teen, fishing off the coast of Kona, Hawaii reeled in a 1,058-pound marlin that he said was an individual achievement, but about 300 pounds short of a world record. Kai Rizzuto, 16 year old New Yorker, said he was…
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