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Surfing Jaws at Night Looks as Crazy as it Sounds

On January 20, 2011 Mark Visser rode the infamous Hawaiian big wave surf spot Jaws at 2am. That evening Mark surfed 12 waves under the cover of night. No waves were stolen by other surfers.     Read more: [monkeytools msnip=""]
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Hawaii Honeymoon Vacation Packages: Why You Should Purchase One

Are you about to be married within the next year or two? If so, have you started planning your honeymoon? As important as honeymoons are, there are many couples who tend to place the most focus on their actual wedding. The good news is that you can easily do both. You can do this with…
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Scientists Finally Unravel Hawaii’s Bizarre Origin Story

The Hawaiian chain of volcanoes is many things: spectacular, incandescent, and volcanologically speaking unique. As a new Nature study by the Australian National University (ANU) has pointed out, these volcanoes are essentially composed of two tracks growing alongside each other, and they think they finally know why. At present, the regions effusive volcanism is centered…
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How to Build An Imu – Cook a Pig in an Imu

How to make and Imu and Cook a Pig or Food Step 1 - Dig your hole for your Imu and add quick burning materials. Dig the hole 2 to 4 feet deep for your Imu. The hole is built depending on the size that you need it to be. As you add quick burning…
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